How to Fix Magellan Roadmate Touchscreen Problem

Magellan RoadMate Touchscreen Problem

This article on How to Fix Magellan Roadmate Touchscreen Problem

Magellan is known for manufacturing a number of GPS devices which can be very helpful in locating the places.

No matter what type of Magellan device you are using, technical hitches can occur on your device any time with its regular usage.

If your Magellan GPS is behaving unsteadily, whether its touch screen is not responsive or not update maps, or gets freeze quickly, resetting can bring your device in normal state.

But if your Magellan device is facing any major issue or you are not able to perform a simple reset by your own then our GPS Experts is ready to help you for Magellan RoadMate Touchscreen Problem anytime.

The more you use your GPS device, the higher are the chances of its facing minor technical glitches. To solve the minor issues of a device, performing a reset process is mandatory as it can fix many issues of your device.

By resetting your Magellan GPS device, its firmware software also reboots automatically and helps in restoring the normal functions of your device. You can perform this simple procedure anytime to solve GPS problems.

How to Reset a Magellan GPS? To fix Magellan RoadMate Touchscreen Problem

For an ideal Reset Procedure, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. To switch off your device, slide the power button to the off position, hold it for 10 seconds. This is will automatically reset your Magellan GPS device. This step is for GPS Magellan with a slide switch button.
  2. In case your Magellan GPS device has a push-down power button then find the Reset hole which is usually located on the back of your GPS device.
  3. Insert a paper clip or a safety pin into the reset hole and push the Reset button inside for at least 15 seconds. After 10 seconds, remove the clip and it will bring the Magellan GPS device on reset mode automatically.

Cleaning the screen of your Magellan Device

Sometimes, the Magellan’s screen doesn’t respond to our touch if the screen is dirty.

Touch screens are very sensitive and often stop responding if there is dirt or smudges on them. If the screen of your device is dirty, it can reduce the sensitivity of your device’s screen.

Clean your device’s screen with a soft and clean cloth. Cleaning will help in improving the screen’s performance and resolve the error.

If the screen is sternly dirty and contains tough stains on it that clean your device’s screen using water or eyeglass cleaner.

You can apply the liquid cleaning on the cloth and then clean it softly. Don’t apply the liquid directly on the screen as it can damage your device.

At the End

If still, you face Magellan RoadMate Touchscreen Problem then we are here to help you. There can be an end number of reasons behind an unresponsive touch screen.

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