How to Adjust the Volume on a Garmin GPS?

Volume on a Garmin GPS

Adjusting your GPS volume is a very unnoticed job for many but if someone is a novice to the Garmin GPS device may find the job bit puzzle at start.

To help all such new GPS users, here is an article that will explain in detail about “How to Adjust the Volume on a Garmin GPS?”

Follow these steps to manage volume control on your GPS device:

  • Go to “Main Menu” Page.
  • Select the “Volume” option in the list.
  • Select “Tools
  • Tap on the “Settings” option.
  • Choose the Speaker icon to adjust the volume level up or down

You can even choose to mute/un-mute from this menu only.

Adjusting GPS Volume with Voice Command

You can choose to manage the volume of your GPS with voice command only. Sounds quite fascinating no? But this option applies to Voice-activated Garmin GPS devices only.

The speech recognition feature of Voice-activated Garmin GPS allows the user to control device using voice commands. The default awakening phrase for this feature is “Voice Command.”

Following let us check: How to Adjust Volume on Garmin GPS with voice commands?

  1. Say “Voice Command.”
  2. Voice Command menu will be displayed on the screen.
  3. Say” volume.”
  4. The current status of Volume will be displayed, i.e. if it is set as “Mute” or current volume level is 60.
  5. Now adjust the volume to your desired level by saying the count, i.e. 100 or 50.
  6. To mute or unmute, speak it.
  7. Say “Exit” to exit the Voice command menu and come back to the home screen.

In case you need further help with volume functionality of your GPS device you can dial the toll-free GPS contact number for US/Canada +1-855-869-6938 to speak to the Experts. They are available 24×7 to assist you.

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