How to Fix TomTom Won’t Turn On Issue

Fix TomTom Won't Turn On Issue

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TomTom is an easy-to-use GPS device designed specifically for automobiles. Among the TomTom navigation systems, there are six different models: 140, 140S, 10, 130S, 125, and 125SE. Likewise, TomTom One is a second edition, 1GB device.

You won’t be able to use your TomTom if it won’t turn on. This post can prove useful to you if you need assistance. Hence, you should simply follow the instructions given here.

Indications Of the Problem

A fault usually falls into three categories:

  • Upon connecting the charger, there is no green charge light.
  • There is a green charge light on, the old battery is unable to hold a charge, and the GPS is not activated.
  • Despite the green charge light is on, the new battery does not turn on.
  • An error message appears after the unit starts and displays the logo screen.

Reasons Why TomTom Won’t Turn On?

Here are some way-outs to help you find solutions if TomTom won’t turn on issue.

Insufficient/Dead Batteries

First, make sure the device is plugged in if it won’t turn on. You may try pressing the “Reset” button located above the SD card slot on the bottom of the device if the device still won’t turn on after being plugged in.

Both attempts may fail if the power supply is not working, or if there is an internal problem with the battery. It is easy to replace both of these.

Display Issue

When the device doesn’t appear to be turning on, it could just be because you aren’t seeing anything on the screen. Probably, the display is most likely defective and needs to be replaced.

TomTom XL Update

Upgraded software allows for better maps, so it’s important to update the device firmware.

Connect the device to the computer before updating the software. For this purpose, use the USB cable that you received with the device.

Stuck at Start-up

Go to the software section in TomTom Home once the device has been plugged in. A download option will be available. Clicking the download option will allow you to download it.

Other Internal Issues

A motherboard problem may also be preventing the device from turning on. So, You’ll need to replace this.

No Sound Or Distorted Sound

Despite appearing to work properly, there is no sound or it is distorted.

Faulty Speaker

The device probably has a bad speaker. Initially, you might want to try resetting the device. If that doesn’t work, then replace the speaker.

Getting the Device Charged

It is necessary to charge the TomTom in order for it to work.

TomTom ONE batteries last for two hours. Charge the device while driving with the included car charger. Alternatively, if the car charger is not suitable, you may purchase a 120 V home charger.

An Issue With Charging

Generally, if the device is not charging or holds a charge, the battery needs to be replaced.

There could be another reason why the device isn’t charging, such as a malfunctioning charging unit, such as a car charger or home charger. You will need to buy a new charger if this occurs.

Resetting The Device

Whenever the device does not seem to be functioning properly, you can reset it. Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds using a paper clip (located above the SD card slot) to reset the device.

You may need to update your device if this does not resolve the issue. For information on updating your device’s firmware, see Updating Device Firmware section of the device manual.

The Device Turns On But Starts Up Screen Remains

When the device does not launch, it is most likely due to corrupt software or a problematic TomTom application.

First, try resetting the device to resolve this issue. It may be necessary to reinstall the software if this does not work. Navigate to the “Delete App” file on the computer after connecting the device.

  • Click on “Manage My Navigation Device.”  Then click “update my device.”
  • Once the update has been completed, disconnect the navigation device.

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