How To Resolve The Garmin Connect Not Syncing Activity

Garmin connect not syncing activity

Basically when Garmin Connect sync has failed to upload data then it shows the Garmin connect not syncing. Hopefully, all of you are here with different syncing activities… you will here get the best guidance for Garmin connect not syncing activities issue.

Without sharing anything with you we would like to greet you and also want to thank you for being gullible to us. We guarantee you that after comprehending this article accurately you will sure get free from Garmin won’t sync issue.

Why Garmin Connect Not Syncing?

Let us discuss the actuality and some reasons that are responsible for this issue. Most of the users would be curious to know the reasons behind this issue. If you are also one of them then kindly look below, if not then look further for the solutions.

  • It can be a Bluetooth problem.
  • Because of the incomplete Garmin GPS update.
  • Matter of Internet connection.
  • Due to internal quandaries.
  • Amend in settings.
  • Improper installation.

Tough Or Easy To Overcome Syncing Issue?

These are just words “tough or easy” actually there is nothing tough or easy your thinking makes it. If you are fully confident and really want to resolve this issue on your own then you can freely do it with the help of the steps mentioned in this article.

Kindly remember to not skip any of the steps stated in the instructed article. If you will even mistakenly skip any step then it would be difficult for you to get out of this problem.

Steps To Fix Garmin Connect Not Syncing Activities

Hey, now we are going to share some easy and simple steps with you that will surely resolve your problem just in a pinch.

Kindly read, comprehend, and follow the steps properly.

Basic Step

First, just turn off the device and wait for a while, and after that kindly turn on the device. Make sure if your device is connected to the internet then kindly disconnect it. Also, turn off the Bluetooth before restarting the device.

Reconnect BlueTooth

If you are still facing issues with syncing then kindly try to solve this process by reconnecting the Bluetooth. To reconnect first disconnect the Bluetooth and turn off your device and wait for at least 3 to 4 minutes and then turn on the device.

When the screen appears wait for at least 10 seconds and then kindly turn on the Bluetooth and again try to sync it.

Do GPS Update

It can be possible that you are dealing with this problem because you haven’t updated your device. Kindly update your GPS right now to get out of this issue.

If you don’t know how to update the device then you can follow the mentioned point to resolve this issue.

  • Just go to the Garmin express website first.
  • And click on the download for the Windows version option.{According to your device}
  • Then click on the downloaded file.
  • Kindly remember that before downloading connect the USB cable wire with your device and the PC and then install it.
  • After that click on select install agrees to the terms.
  • Launch the Garmin express then,
  • Add a device with it and register the email address in the box.
  • Add a nickname to your device and,
  • After adding the name just click on the yes option.
  • Then click on the install all options, you will see the updating will start processing.
  • Do not forget to accept the terms and conditions.
  • After that click on “ok” to continue the process.

Re-Install Garmin Connect

As improper installation also creates hurdles while syncing the device with Garmin connect. So, you can very easily overcome this problem by reinstalling the Garmin Connect.

But yes, make sure that the internet you are using must be quite strong, stable, and reliable. If it would not then you will again face the same issue. So, kindly note it before installing the Garmin connect again.

Internet Connectivity

Low internet connectivity can also be a valid reason for this issue. For obvious if you would not have a good internet connection then you will for 100% surety going to face syncing issues with your device.

So, you have to check Internet speed and make sure that the internet you are using is of good strength and must be reliable. Sometimes the internet did not connect properly and for that reconnect your device with the internet.

After doing this you will definitely get free from Garmin connect not syncing activities.


Hopefully, this article will be surely helpful to you. Are you feeling relaxed and great now? Great, this is actually what we really want.

If you have any queries then get in touch with our experts, they are 24×7 hours available for you. Last but not least we would like to thank you for giving your kind love to us.

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