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TomTom GPS Update Services

The TomTom is one of the best GPS service providers in the market. No matter where you want to travel, if you have TomTom, your every journey will be so easy like all routes are familiar with you. But if you want to enjoy using the TomTom GPS device then it’s only your responsibility to update the map after a certain interval of time. If you will not do the same then you will not benefit the luxurious GPS assistance.

With the time the company released an update which includes bug fixes and improvements. Apart from the same, with the latest map updates, you will never be the one struggling on the wrong routes. To fix any GPS related issues, just visit us.

TomTom XXL 550 Map Update

Services We Offer For TomTom GPS Update


TomTom Home

To update the GPS device it’s really very necessary to download the TomTom Home software. Facing any query? Call us now!


TomTom Map Update

For any query related to Map updates, without going here and there, simply call us on our toll-free numbers.


TomTom XL Update

All the maps and the software related to XL TomTom should be updated for its better functioning.

Step by Step Guide to Update TomTom GPS Device

One of the main things that you need to update the TomTom GPS device is TomTom Home. actually, its a software that has been released by the company to provide you all the latest updates of the device. Follow the steps given below to update your device easily. For more call our experts now!


Follow These Steps to Download TomTom Home

It’s really very necessary to update the device for its better and smooth functioning. To get latest updates you need TomTom Home Software. You just have to follow the steps below to download and install Home Software:

  • Fist of all, visit TomTom Website.
  • Now, log in to the account of TomTom using your ID and password.
  • Search there for the TomTom Home and then click on “download”.
  • When the file of TomTom Home will be download successfully to the device, double click on the file.
  • Check Minium system requriments before installing the software.
  • Install the file by following all the necessary instructions.
  • Start the application manually in case it will not start automatically.
  • If it is not launched then you must launch it manually.
  • Now, its time to update the TomTom GPS device.

How To Get Latest TomTom GPS Update?

We hope that by following all the above steps now you have successfully installed the TomTom Home. In case you are facing any issue then dial our toll-free helpline numbers. We are available 24*7 at your service.

  • As you have already installed the TomTom Home to the device. Now, open the file of TomTom Home.
  • Make sure the device has been connected with the computer.
  • Turn the GPS device On.
  • If the device is showing any kind of trouble while turning it ON then make sure to charge the battery of TomTom Home.
  • When you connect the device with the computer, TomTom Home will automatically detect the device.
  • You can also open the Home and then look there for all the available updates.
  • From the list of available updates select the one you want to download.
  • Click on “update the device” and let the file download successfully.
  • Install the update to the device, which may take some time so don’t interrupt in between the process.
  • After the process will be completed, remove the device from the computer.

TomTom GPS Update

While using the device you may face a number of errors which we have mentioned below. Check the list and check among all which updates is troubling you. For any help, you can dial the toll-free numbers which are round the clock available.

Let’s have a look at some common errors that you may face while using the device.

  • Facing trouble while installing TomTom map updates.
  • TomTom update is failed to download.
  • The TomTom Home is not recognizing the device.
  • Issues related to Memory Card compatibility.
  • Issue while detecting the device by TomTom Home.
  • Unable to find updates for your model
  • Device screen becomes unresponsive
  • Device unable to detect satellite signal

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