How To Fix Garmin 945 WiFi Error 0300?

Garmin 945 WiFi Error 0300

Are you struggling with Garmin 945 WiFi error 0300? And unable to get you off this issue.

Then you have arrived at the right place, here are some troubleshooting methods to get out of this issue. Garmin is the most popular smartwatch maker in the world. It produces activity trackers and sports watches, aimed at various activities which include running, watersports, and swimming with sensors like heart rate and GPS.

There are multiple reasons that can lead to such errors, but whatever the reason is it is vital to fix it as early as possible. Users usually face this issue on their devices, sometimes due to technical problems, it is possible that you encounter Garmin 945 WiFi error 0300.

But do not get upset while noticing this issue. You can fix Garmin 945 WiFi error 0300 by going through some simple steps.

Methods to Garmin 945 WiFi error 0300

It is good to get familiar with the root causes of the problem, in order to find an easy and effective solution to your problem. Here are some simple steps to fix Garmin 945 WiFi error 0300: 

1. Check the WiFi connection via the Garmin Connect app

  • Firstly, open Garmin Connect on your phone.
  • Then if you have Apple iOS and iPad, then click on the three dots icon.
  • Or if you have an Android, then click on the three horizontal lines icon.
  • After this, choose Garmin and then select your device.
  • Now visit the general option, and then WiFi networks.
  • Then select your WiFi and choose the test connection option and then connect.

2. Restart the Garmin device

Once you successfully connect to the WiFi and test the WiFi network. If doing this does not help you out, then restart your Garmin device. Follow the below techniques to do so.

  • Turn your device off.
  • Then wait for 60-90 seconds.
  • After this, turn the device on back.
  • Now soft reset your device.
  • And connect the device again to the WiFi.

3. Reset your device

If restarting is unable to fix Garmin 945 WiFi error 0300, then try to reset it. The following are the techniques to reset the Garmin.

  • Go to the settings on the Garmin smartwatch, and then to the menu.
  • After this, click on System and reset the default settings on the Garmin smartwatch
  • Now select the reset default or restore default option.
  • Then resets all settings of your devices back to their factory default. And do not forget to save all your data, music, and history.

4. Turn WiFi auto upload on

The WiFi auto upload WiFi setting will send your activity data to your Garmin Connect account, as soon as the Garmin smartwatch completes recording the activity. In most cases, turning this setting on, vanish the problems related to the WiFi.

To do this, firstly, you have to visit the setting and then the WiFi. After this, click on the on-off toggle to turn on the Auto Upload option.

5. Remove the WiFi and rejoin

In many devices, the most common fixer has resolved the issues is, completely remove the network of the smartwatch or fitness tracker and then rejoin it. Try it and see if it assists with your issue. Obey the following techniques to do so.

  • On the Garmin smartwatch, go to settings and then on WiFi.
  • After this, select the My Network option, and also select your current WiFi network.
  • Then click on remove or forget a WiFi network on your Garmin smartwatch.
  • Now visit the settings, then WiFi, and lastly, click on add network.
  • And select the available network and fill in the password.
  • At last, wait for the screen Garmin to connect and look for the on-screen message.

Sum up

Follow these steps to fix Garmin 945 WiFi error 0300. Certainly, this will help you to get out of this issue, you just need to follow the above methods step by step. When Garmin does not work with the WiFi network, this is due to the 2.4Ghz/5.0Ghz channel-related issue and it requires that you exclusively use the 2.4 GHz.

Also, check for newly available updates and try to delete the WiFi and re-add and join. If still unable to fix Garmin 945 WiFi error 0300 then seek instant help from experts working around you.

They will guide you in fixing this Garmin 945 WiFi error 0300 issue.

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