Quick Tips To Fix Garmin Not Charging Issue

Garmin Not Charging Issue

It is easy with Garmin to go anywhere at any time as this provides proper, fully-featured routes or navigation. If your Garmin device will not be charged then it would not be possible to get its wonderful services. If you are having Garmin Not Charging issue then follow the guidelines shared in this post.

Here in this article, we have shared some EASY-QUICK-SMART solutions that will 100% solve your difficulties. The solutions are fully researched and effective, which will definitely take you out of the issue of “Garmin Not Charging in the Car”.

Why Is My Garmin Not Charging? Know The Reasons

Before looking towards the solutions it would be helpful to know the reasons that are causing Garmin not charging in the car. You will get an idea about what are the problems that are actually forming issues.

So, let’s look at the reasons:

  • Defaulted USB wire is an obvious reason of Garmin not charging issue.
  • Problem with vehicle power cable can cause such issues to you.
  • Internal issues somehow create difficulties for the users.
  • Pending Garmin GPS Updates can also be a valid reason that is leading to this trouble for your device.
  • Some of the time battery issues & power jack problems render troubles.

What Are The Ways To Fix Garmin Not Charging In The Car? Check Out The Solutions

Before sharing solutions with you we would like to clear you that if you really want to fix this trouble on your own in just one go, then kindly make sure to not skip any of the solutions. Skipping the solutions will cause the same problem “GARMIN NOT CHARGING ISSUE”.

Why is my Garmin not charging

Without wasting more time, let’s begin with the solution first.

1. Check The Wire

As it can be possible that the USB wire is not connected properly or maybe it has defaulted, you just have to try to fix your problem by replacing the wire with the new one.

Some of the time the USB wire seems all good but in actuality, it gets damaged from the inside. So, kindly check it very carefully.

NOTE: The wire should be connected tightly with the ends to the port, otherwise it will cause problems in charging the device.

2. Check Vehicle Power Cable

We are just hoping that the issue does not lie in your vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet (Finger Cross). To not face damage with a cigarette lighter outlet make sure you are using the 12-volt adapter.

3. Check The Adaptor

  • Make sure that the adaptor should not be blown fuse. If it is then kindly fix it or replace it with the new one.
  • Also, assure that the plastic ends have not been unscrewed and broken off. Kindly fix it if they are.

4. Update The Device

Updating is a very simple and effective way to overcome your problems. If you haven’t updated your device till now then this is the issue because of which you are facing problems.

Kindly update your device as soon as possible, Garmin GPS update will surely take you out of the Garmin not charging issue.

Kindly update your device from time to time. It is very important for the maintenance of your device. While updating the device make sure that the Internet-connected with it should be strong and stable, otherwise you will get problems doing Garmin GPS updates.

5. Fix Internal Issues

It can be possible that the internal issues are causing trouble for your device. There is nothing to be worried about as it is very easy to overcome with internal problems.

To fix internal problems all you have to do is simply just give a reboot your device. Rebooting is a great successful way to defeat your problems.

Before rebooting kindly disconnect the Internet or if the charging cable is also connected then disconnect it as well.

NOTE: Do not turn on the device immediately after it goes off, wait for at least 3 to 4 minute and then turn it on.

In The Nutshell

We are expecting that the solutions shared in this article with you will definitely be fruitful for you to fix Garmin Not Charging issue. Now you are fully free to get complete services of the Garmin device without any hurdles.

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