Garmin Express Not Connecting To The Server

Garmin Express Not Connecting To The Server

With Garmin Express, you can monitor your computer’s working devices and monitor their performance. You can update and manage your Garmin GPS unit, Garmin smartwatches or tracker using Garmin Express!

In short, you just have to open Garmin Express on your computer. Afterward, connect your Garmin to it, and you are ready to manage or update it!

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple and easy! Both your Garmin smartwatch and tracker can occasionally encounter this problem. With our troubleshooting guide, you’ll learn just how to fix Garmin Express Not Working. For instance, you may be experiencing the issues:

  • Not Finding Device,
  • Not Compatible With Device,
  • Searching For Device.

In addition, you can also face an issue with Garmin GPS Update.

Advantages Of Using Garmin Express:

Now, any user can manage and supervise their device using a centralized framework.

Additionally, you can also use it to register new products and store fitness data. Moreover, it is easy to synchronize remote devices’ data.

What Error Message Appears On the Screen?

There may be two possible error messages: “Our servers are unavailable at this time.” or “There is a problem communicating with our servers.”

After upgrading to a newer device, some devices may become deactivated. These devices may display this message. It is not possible to reactivate these devices. However, this restriction does not apply to Inreach accounts.

Why Does Garmin Express Display A Server Error Message?

  • Internet connectivity might be a problem.
  • A problem may exist with the system’s settings.
  • .NET Framework incompatibility.
  • Possibly, Garmin express files have been corrupted.
  • Further, a date and time setting may be incorrect.
  • Problematic Public Wi-Fi Connection.

Network Connection Troubleshooting:

Garmin WebUpdater allows GPS devices to download software updates via the Internet. However, internet connectivity issues can prevent WebUpdater from communicating with the servers. Thus, it may cause an interruption to download updates.

The error message may appear when WebUpdater encounters a network issue, “Can’t communicate with the Server.”

Here are some quick steps to get your Garmin Express up and running if you’re short on time:

A Quick Precap of Fixes:

  • Make sure your Windows or Mac is running the most recent version of its operating system. Whenever an update is available, install it first.
  • Further, make sure Garmin Express is up-to-date.
  • If you didn’t successfully eject your Garmin, restart your computer device.
  • Moreover, you must use an Admin account to log into your Windows or Mac.
  • Purchase a Garmin-branded cable if your original cable did not work.
  • On a Mac, go to System Preferences > Security.
  • You can access your files and folders under Security & Privacy > Privacy. Under Garmin Express, check the removable volume box.
  • Reinstall Garmin Express with the latest update after uninstalling it.

Other Fixes To Troubleshoot Garmin Express Not Working

Here are some more troubleshooting steps:

Check the Internet Connectivity:

In particular, test the Internet connection for Garmin Express requirements. In addition, the connection to the Internet must be high-speed.

However, Mobile broadband (such as MiFi, AirCard, or cell phone tethering) does not work with Garmin Express, nor does satellite, fixed wireless, or dial-up Internet.

A Guide To Check Network Adaptor Speed In Windows:

  • Navigate To Control Panel > Network And Internet > Network And Internet Sharing Center.
  • In the left pane, click CHANGE ADAPTOR SETTINGS.
  • Next, choose the network adapter (Wi-Fi or Ethernet).
  • After, you can check the Speed field for connection speed.

Hardware Reset:

First, unplug the router and/or modem and shut down the computer. Then, turn the computer back on and restart the router and/or modem after a minute.

Computer Date And Time Settings

Communication errors between Garmin Express and the Garmin servers can occur when the date and time settings on the computer are incorrect. Also, make sure the computer’s date, time, and time zone settings are correct.

Disable Internet Security/Firewall Temporarily

Some security software (such as that used on work computers or in a business environment) may interfere with Garmin Express.

Therefore, disable the software temporarily if possible. If you can not disable it, use another computer as an alternative.

Computer Proxy Settings

If your proxy and/or LAN settings are incorrect, Garmin Express may not be able to connect to the Internet. Therefore, make sure the proxy settings are correct on the computer.

Disable Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Turn off any VPN that is currently active if applicable. Alternatively, try using a different computer or network connection.

Restart the Computer

Another key point is to try rebooting the Garmin once and see if the issue resolves.

Continue reading if you’d like a more detailed explanation of how to fix Garmin Express not working.

Here’s a bit more explanation:

#1. Garmin Express Must Be Up To Date: You must always be using the latest version of Garmin Express

How to Update?

  1. Launch Garmin Express.

If there is an update available, click to install the update.

How to Update Mac OS:

  • Open the software update window.
  • Next, check for updates on your Mac.
  • If updates are available, tap UPDATE NOW.

Safari and select other Apple products receive updates along with macOS system updates.

How To Update On Windows Computer

  •  Select the WINDOWS UPDATE option.
  • Then, click CHECK FOR UPDATES.
  • Hence, you can DOWNLOAD and install updates now if they are available.

#2 Reinstall Garmin Express

The first step is to uninstall the program. To remove Garmin Express from a Mac, quit the software. Then, open the Applications folder, and drag it to the trash. In the end, empty the trash.

How  To Uninstall Garmin Express on Windows 10?

Go to Start > Settings > Apps, select Garmin Express, and then click Uninstall.

Windows Garmin Express Uninstall:

  • You can uninstall Garmin Express from your computer using the Add/Remove Program feature. You can access this feature in the Control Panel for older Windows versions.
  • Upon uninstalling Garmin Express, restart your computer.
  • Then, visit Garmin’s website to download and reinstall the application on your device.
  • Thus, you can update the Windows or Mac operating system software.


We have come to the end of the article about fixing Garmin Express is not working. Get in touch with the experts if you still have issues after implementing all the fixes. Consequently, their assistance can be invaluable when you have issues with Garmin.

Additionally, you can seek assistance with Garmin GPS Updates.

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