How to Solve Voice Command Not Working in Garmin GPS

Fix Voice Command Not Working in Garmin GPS

There can be any underlying reason for Voice Command Not Working in Garmin GPS. Your device mainly displays a message that reflects the malfunctioning and voice command accessibility.

Have you downloaded the full version of the map?

Voice command is not working in Garmin GPS, when the entire map of the location hasn’t been downloaded in the device. Voice command not working in Garmin can be resolved by waiting for a few minutes until the map gets downloaded and get updated.

As an alternative, you can try to re-run Garmin Express to ensure that it installs full coverage on your device. You can also alter the map coverage using the Garmin Express for any of the automotive device.

Are your voice and text language the same?

Sometimes Garmin takes a particular language by default which might not be your voice language. Therefore, it may not respond to your voice command.

Make sure that the voice command language of your device and the voice command you input are both same. Voice command is particularly compatible with specific languages like English and French.

Check out the list of compatible languages and activate navigation accordingly. The owner manual of Garmin has all the setting about the device compatibility regarding voice command.

Check out following to solve Voice Command Not Working in Garmin GPS

Try to restore the speech recognition file:

Another method to encounter the Garmin voice command not working issue is by restoring the file that helps in accepting voice command. All you need to do is:

  • Install Garmin Express by learning how to do it through the official Garmin website.
  • Get your device connected with a computer through a USB cable subsequently follow the onscreen instructions so that you can get the correct task done.
  • Within the utility, you will find language files located and their optional update. Choose your comforting language and install the same right away. The automatic download will complete with an update. it will reflect on the topmost corner of your Garmin Express window.

Voice command error in Garmin can drive you crazy. However, you can efficiently resolve the issue by checking out whether the location matching the map area or not.

Try checking and checking voice command:

One of the simplest methods to get away with voice command issue in Garmin GPS Device is by moving onto the app Garmin located towards the voice command section.

Find the little tool icon that reflects the voice command, uncheck it and wait for 2 minutes. Eventually, tick it once again the same, and it will start working back to normal.

There can be microphone issues:

Check your microphone connection because that can be one issue why you are facing voice command error in Garmin. Make sure that you have for all the settings that have been made by you so work-ability of voice command can be resumed.

Enable the voice command first and foremost to get out of the trouble. Subsequently, look out for technician help if you cannot resolve the issue on your own.

In case you stuck at any point to solve Voice Command Not Working in Garmin GPS, visit our website or get in touch with our experts to fix this issue.

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