How to Manage the Situation When Computer Won’t Recognize Garmin

Computer Won't Recognize Garmin

To update Garmin GPS device or getting Garmin map updates; connecting your GPS device with the computer is the only way out.

But what to do when you connect your Garmin GPS and your computer screen displays “Device not Recognized” error?

You can’t move further to work with GPS settings or amps until you fix this error.

Following check out some useful tricks that can help you to fix the error computer Won’t Recognize Garmin.

Tips to fix the Error Computer Won’t Recognize Garmin

1. Check for Low or No Battery in the Device

While connecting your device to the computer, have a look at the battery sign on top of the home screen. It should also indicate that your device is communicating with the computer.

In case it is not the possibility is the device is low in battery or about to die soon. So, first of all, recharge your device to the maximum or the fullest if possible. The GPS should be charged enough to communicate with the computer properly.

2. Reboot Your GPS Device

Sometimes device can’t recognize any recently made connection and doesn’t respond. As a result, the computer also does not acknowledge your GPS device. In such a situation; restart your device once.

  • Reboot your GPS device is not a big deal. Simply turn it off and on.
  • After rebooting the device, try to re-connect it with the computer again.
  • Plug out and re-insert the USB cable to re-connect.

Check if your GPS is working and has been detected by the computer or not?

3. Connect Directly- The GPS Device and the Computer

In case you are connecting your device to a computer via a USB hub then drop the idea for the time being. Do the following:

  • Connect both GPS devices and the computer directly via Ethernet cable.
  • Also, try to use another USB port of your computer.
  • Try using another USB cable; all USB cables are not meant for transferring data.
  • Using USB cable meant for power charging won’t work; this could end up in getting you “Device Not Recognized” Error.
  • Check the health of the USB cable you are using to connect your device. Any crack, twisted or stretched USB cable can create problems.

Making all these checks and replacing the apple of discord will resolve the issue.

4. Disable USB Selective Suspend

If enabled; USB Selective Suspend can probably create a Garmin GPS device recognition obstacle. It has the capacity to limit the power to the connected GPS devices. So, you better disable it, do the following:

  • Disconnect your Garmin GPS device from your computer.
  • Follow this path: “Control Panel”-> “Hardware and Sound”-> “Power Options”-> “Change plan settings” and lastly “Change advanced power” settings.
  • Next, click on the “USB selective Band settings.”
  • choose “Settings” from the list.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Disabled’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the “OK” button to save and apply the changes.

Now restart your computer and wait until it gets ready to work. Grab the Ethernet cable and try to connect your GPS device again with the computer.

Hopefully, your computer can now recognize your attached Garmin device. In case you still see that error, proceed to the next step.

5. Update your Garmin Express

As a last resort update your Garmin Express application. An old version of Garmin Express can not perform as expected for a long.

Garmin Express has inbuilt functionality to update itself whenever it launches. However, you can and should also try to update the application manually.

While updating the Garmin Express Take care of the following things:

  • Make sure your system has a fast running internet connection.
  • No other downloading should be running while you initiate to update Garmin Express.
  • Close all other running applications on your computer while the updating process goes on.
  • There is some minimum system requirement to download, install and update Garmin Express on your computer.

Get Help From Experts

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