How do I Delete Locations on My Garmin GPS Device?

How do I Delete Locations on My Garmin GPS Device

With all your long and short travels, the list of saved locations keeps growing in your GPS device. Your saved locations help when you need quick access to the place you need to visit again, these all are saved as Favorites or My Locations in your GPS device.

You can delete your saved locations, in case you feel that “My Locations” list is densely populated or there is an unnecessary cluster of destinations that you no longer visit. You can also clear your list of recently visited locations.

The process is quite simple but seems ambiguous to some, anyway. read the following section carefully to get the best answer to your question”How do I Delete Locations on My Garmin GPS Device?”

IMPORTANT: Once removed, the locations can’t be recovered.

Having decided to delete locations from your Garmin GPS favorite list to clean up space or to organise your data on your device, you need to do the following:

  • Select “Where to?”
  • Select “Saved”
  • Tap the ‘Menu” icon; represented by the three horizontal lines.
  • Choose “Delete Saved Places” option.
  • Now check the box next to the locations you want to delete.
  • Click on the “Delete” option to finally remove these.

NOTE: In Some Garmin GPS models the “Where to” option is written as “Favorites” or “Locations.”

You can delete them all or multiple locations at once or can even choose to remove them one by one.

How to Delete Recent or History from GPS device?

Deleting recent viewed places or history from your Garmin device is almost similar to removing favorites.

Follow the below-given steps to delete Recent or History from your Garmin GPS device:

  • Click on “Where to?” option.
  • Tap on “Recent” or “History.”
  • Select the Menu icon.
  • Select the “Clear” option followed by “Yes” to give your consent for clearing the list.

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