Garmin Connect Sync Failed Issue – Quick Guide to Solve Issue

Garmin Connect Sync Failed Issue

Garmin Connect Sync Failed Issue: Sometimes data from your Garmin device stops syncing with Garmin connect app. There are many factors which can cause this issue. So, before we proceed to the troubleshooting steps, ensure that these pre-requisites are met, check these pre-requisites are:

  • Your Garmin device should remain within the Bluetooth range of your Smartphone.
  • The Bluetooth should be active on both of the devices, i.e. your Smartphone and the Garmin GPS Device

Let’s start to fix the Garmin connect sync failed issue

  • Turn off the Bluetooth setting on your smartphone and again turn it on after 2 seconds.
  • Close down the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone and relaunch it after 10-15 seconds. Make sure that you have closed the app from the backend so it should not keep running in the background.
  • Now Restart your Smartphone and Garmin Nuvi Device.
  • Remove the Garmin Nuvi device from the app and consider adding it from the beginning.

Resetting both of the devices from scratch and then connecting again with each other will eliminate all the glitches which were not allowing your Garmin Nuvi to connect to the Garmin Connect app.

Fix: “Paring Failed” Message while connecting Garmin Nuvi device with Garmin Connect App

Another issue that users may face while connecting Garmin Nuvi device with Garmin Connect app is “Paring failed” and get this message on their screen. This error is similar to “Garmin Nuvi Connect Bluetooth Issue.”

To solve this error, follow the below Solutions:

When you connect Garmin Nuvi with your Smartphone, your phone asks or code and then complete the pairing process.

Before initiating the troubleshooting steps, verify that you have entered the correct six-digit code. Often incorrect code entered can cause this error of “Pairing Failed.”

Steps to Troubleshoot “Pairing Failed”

Method 1: Retry the process:

  • Press Retry button and allow your Garmin Nuvi device to connect with your Smartphone one more time.

Method 2: Soft Reset:

  • Hit the power button and hold until the device gets restarted.
  • Once it is turn on, try to connect the device again with your Smartphone. This steps may resolve your problem.

Method 3: Reset your Phone:

  • Turn off your Smartphone
  • Then press and hold either volume up + Power button
  • (Or) Home Button + Volume up + Power button
  • Volume down + Power Button
  • (Or) Volume down + up + Power button
  • Once you try this method, you will see the Restart menu. Click on Recovery mode and hold down the power key for some time.
  • After that click on Factory Reset or Wipe Data with the help of volume down and power button to confirm the process.
  • After that, power on your Smartphone and again try to connect it with your Garmin Device.

“Pairing Failed” issue is a hardware compatibility issue which can be resolved by rebooting quickly.

At The End

If you are unable to solve Garmin connect sync failed issue by your own even after following all the above-mentioned steps, then we are here to provide you the solution.

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