TomTom MyDrive Connect | Ultimate Installation Guide

TomTom MyDrive Connect

TomTom MyDrive Connect is free for Windows and Mac. It allows you to easily install the latest software and maps updates on your TomTom navigation device. It further provides access to real-time services such as traffic information and speed cameras.

The application is designed to ensure that you always have the latest features and maps available for your navigation device. It also ensures that you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips to make your journey smooth.

It also provides access to real-time services such as traffic information and speed cameras, which can help you avoid congestion and arrive at your destination faster. 

You can do this by continually checking for updates and downloading TomTom MyDrive Connect to your device when they become available. This way, you don’t have to worry about manually updating your system or missing out on critical changes.

This ensures that you’re always prepared for the unexpected and can make the most of your journey. Here you can get detailed information on how to install TomTom MyDrive Connect for Windows & Mac. 

Features of TomTom MyDrive Connect 

TomTom MyDrive Connect lets you manage and update your TomTom device for free. With it, you can keep your device up-to-date with the latest maps, services, and software updates on Windows and Mac. This software offers a variety of features for managing and updating your TomTom device.

It is an application for monitoring TomTom devices from a computer. MyDrive Connect lets you keep your device up-to-date with the latest maps and software updates. 

It also comes with a variety of features, such as creating custom routes, tracking your route history, and managing your device settings. It also provides a way to check quickly for available updates and download them to your device.

You can also quickly install TomTom MyDrive Connect for Mac. First, users can check out the primary features of the TomTom MyDrive Connect. 

Easy to Use

It is easy to use and straightforward to use TomTom MyDrive Connect. The download and installation progress can be viewed when you connect your device, along with available updates.

The app guides you through the process step by step, and it only takes a few minutes to get the latest software and maps installed onto your device. It also allows you to customize the settings and save your favorite routes for easy access. 


With TomTom MyDrive Connect, you can download maps, services, and software updates. Whenever updates are available, you will be notified automatically.  


Your TomTom device can be backed up and restored using TomTom MyDrive Connect. Your data can be transferred to another device or reset if you ever need to do so.

Manage MyDrive

Your favorite routes and destinations can be saved, organized, and managed using this feature. Your device can also be used to add new destinations and view traffic information.  

Live Services 

A variety of live services, including traffic information in real-time and speed camera alerts, are available through TomTom MyDrive Connect. 


There are many customization options available, including voice guidance, color themes, and personalized start-up images. These options enable users to customize their devices to fit their individual preferences. For example, voice guidance can be helpful for those that are visually impaired, while color themes and personalized start-up images can help users express their style.

You can use TomTom MyDrive Connect on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and Mac OS X 10.9 or later. A connection to the Internet and 500 MB of free disk space are required. TomTom devices are also compatible with the program, including the TomTom Start, TomTom Go, TomTom Rider, TomTom Via, and TomTom GO Live. 

Install TomTom MyDrive Connect for Mac 

You can quickly install TomTom MyDrive Connect for Mac. It is also necessary to follow them properly. There is a need to follow the below steps to install it. Using Apple Safari requires the following steps. The steps may vary depending on the internet browser used, but most of the time, all the steps are the same. 

  • You can connect your computer to the Internet. When connecting a navigation device to MyDrive Connect, we recommend using a broadband connection.
  • MyDrive Connect can be downloaded by clicking “Download for Mac”.
  • Upon completion of the download, select the “Finder” icon in the Dock to switch to “Finder”.
  • The “Your Downloads” folder can be accessed through the “Finder” menu at the top of the screen by clicking on “Go” and selecting “Downloads”. A new folder appears in your downloads. 
  • Select “MyDriveConnect.dmg” and double-click it. Upon opening MyDrive Connect, a window appears.
  • For the MyDrive Connect installer, double-click “MyDriveConnect.pkg”.
  • Here you can tap on “Continue”.
  • To read the end-user license agreement, click You can read the end-user license agreement by clicking on Page=Eula.
  • Accepting the license agreement requires clicking “I Agree.”.
  •  Ensure that your PRO navigation device is disconnected from your computer before continuing.
  • On your computer, click “Install” to install MyDrive Connect.
  • You will need to enter the password of your administrator. 
  • You can contact the system administrator if you don’t have administrative rights on the computer.
  • Your computer will be automatically installed with MyDrive Connect when you click “Install Software”.
  • Upon completion of the MyDrive Connect installation or when prompted, connect the PRO to your computer. 
  • Use the supplied mount and USB cable with PRO 5150/71xx/91xx. You will need only the supplied micro USB cable to connect the PRO 5250/7250 to the computer. 
  •  Navigate the device by turning it on.

You can follow all the steps properly to install TomTom MyDrive Connect for Mac. Navigation devices should be plugged directly into computer USB ports instead of USB hubs or USB ports on keyboards or monitors, as otherwise, power supplies might not be adequate. 

Install TomTom MyDrive Connect for Windows

It is a simple process to install TomTom MyDrive Connect for Windows. When you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can follow the below steps. When you are using another browser some steps are a little vary. 

  • You need to connect your computer to the Internet. 
  • Whenever MyDrive Connect is connected to a navigation device, you can use a broadband internet connection.
  • You can download MyDrive Connect by clicking on “Download for Windows”. By clicking “Save”, you can download the file to your computer.
  • Upon completing the download, click on “Run”. 
  •  Locate the file Install MyDriveConnect.exe on your computer and double-click it if the “Download complete” window was accidentally closed.  
  • In the “User Account Control” window, click “Yes”.
  • To read the end user license agreement, click on the link License Agreement.
  •  Ensure that your PRO navigation device is disconnected from your computer before continuing.
  • To accept the terms of the license agreement, select “I Agree.”.
  • Your computer will be installed with MyDrive Connect once you click “Install”.
  • Your computer needs to connect to your PRO after MyDrive Connect installation.
  • To mount and connect PRO 5150/71xx/91xx, use the USB cable and mount provided. Using only the supplied micro USB cable, connect the PRO 5250/7250 to your computer.
  • Turn on the navigation device.

After installing TomTom MyDrive Connect for Windows, you can quickly use the device properly.

Wrapping Up 

You can easily install and use TomTom MyDrive Connect. Users can also install this on their Mac and Window device so it works perfectly. There is a need to follow all the steps perfectly.  

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