How to Fix TomTom Map Not Working Issue

TomTom Map Not Working

TomTom map not working for a number of reasons. Although it occurs very rarely, it is simply a matter of resetting your device.

Additionally, you should always update your TomTom sat NAV to keep it current. You may experience problems with the update due to a variety of reasons. The following practice tip will assist you in solving the problem.

Let’s first discuss the Possible reasons why you may encounter TomTom map Not Working Issue.

Causes Behind TomTom Map Not Working issue

Any of the following possibilities can cause an issue with TomTom…

1. A Dead Or Drained Battery

First, make sure that the TomTom is plugged in if it won’t turn on. You can press the reset button underneath the SD Card slot.

Alternatively, you may find it on the bottom of TomTom if it doesn’t turn on despite being plugged in. If neither attempt succeeds, there is a problem with the power supply. You should see the TomTom battery repair guide for more information.

2. Display Problem

If your TomTom isn’t turning on or nothing appears on the screen, then it may be a problem with your display. So, whenever you notice a problem with the display, you should replace it.

3. Various internal issues

If TomTom isn’t working, you might need to replace the motherboard. These issues may be due to some internal problems.

Symptoms Of TomTom Map Not Working

With TomTom, some issues can arise, such as:

The Screen Goes Black On TomTom

When the screen is black but you’re hearing sounds, then there’s more chance the display is faulty and needs a replacement.

Blank TomTom Screen

When your device’s screen is black or not showing any pictures, it might be due to a dead battery.

To solve such a problem, you should initially reset TomTom device. If it still won’t turn on, charge the battery & let it charge for the entire night.

A Soundless Environment

If your device works normally but is not playing sound, then you are experiencing speaker problems. In this case, you may be hearing a distorted sound. Thus, the device may need a reset.

However, upon resetting the device, the issue may still persist. If so, the speaker is in need of replacement.

How to Fix TomTom Map Not Working

TomTom can run into a variety of problems. Here are some possible solutions:

Problem: TomTom Frozen Issue

A corrupted software issue might cause your device to hang at startup. It is simple to resolve this issue by resetting the device. However, if this solution does not work, reinstall the software. You can follow these steps to install the software:

Solution:Steps to Fix TomTom Frozen Issue.

  • Connect the device to the computer.
  • Next, click on “delete app file”.
  • Tap “Manage my Navigation” now.
  • Hence, a device update option will appear.
  • Lastly, disconnect the device from the computer once the process is complete.

Problem: Firmware/Software Updates for Devices

TomTom may also not function properly when using an outdated version of the software. You can update your device using the TomTom Home Application/TomTom’s MyDrive.

Solution: Therefore, you must Update the software to get better maps.

Problem: Signal Not Received By TomTom GPS Device

TomTom can’t help you if it doesn’t receive a signal and can’t determine your location. The GPS antenna of a TomTom detects satellite signals. But, when something blocks the antenna, TomTom won’t work.

Solution: Try to observe TomTom’s reception outside your vehicle to see if there is a problem there.

Resetting the Device

If trying all the above solutions does not work, resetting the device is your best option. TomTom may function better after a factory reset. TomTom receives a signal nearly 45 minutes after resetting.

What Is the Process For Resetting TomTom?

The TomTom may crash, the touchscreen may not work, or the navigation system may not be receiving signals. In these cases, a reset or factory reset usually helps.

Follow the below-given steps to do that. As a result, your navigation system will quickly send you on your way.

The TomTom Reset Process

Are you experiencing problems with your TomTom navigation system?

How can you resolve this issue yourself? To begin, you should perform a soft reset. Alternatively, you can reset everything to factory settings if that doesn’t work. Then you will lose all of your saved locations, languages, voice, and notification settings.

Setting up your TomTom

You should charge your TomTom navigation system for at least two hours. During a reboot, it won’t shut down. A drum roll will sound when you hold the on/off button for 30-60 seconds.

Is this not the solution? Also, you can try these things.

Using A Clip To Reset Your Device/h3>

  • Push the reset button for 20 seconds with a straightened paper clip, or something similar.
  • Then turn the device on.
  • Next, take a few seconds to press the On/Off button.
  • After that, place the SD card in the slot.
  • Also, insert the SD card if your device requires one.

Factory Reset All Settings:

  • Charge your navigation system’s battery using the USB cable provided.
  • Next, scroll right to the main menu.
  • After that, go to ‘Settings’ and tap ‘System’. Then select ‘Reset device’.
  • When you confirm your choice twice, your TomTom reboots.
  • Thus, you can reset your device.
  • Subsequently, visit your TomTom MyDrive account to access your favorite locations.

How to Fix If TomTom Update Not Working

  • Your Navi needs the latest version of My drive Connect to run.
  • Ensure that all connections are working with the GPS and the PC. Connecting the device correctly occurs once My drive Connect recognizes it.
  • As Updates are often quite large, we recommend a LAN connection. There is a possibility of problems while Downloading the Updates.
  • The problem may be a firewall or anti-virus blocking Mydrive Connect. Therefore, temporarily turn off both services.
  • Having a problem? No more. We show you how you can add Mydrive to your Firewall and an exception in your anti-virus program.
  • You may also benefit from using SD cards in some cases.
  • Unless these tips work, you can try resetting the Navi. It should be easy to install Updates after that.

Setting Your Navigation Device Back To Default

Rarely, your navigation device may fail to start up or stop responding. The best thing you can do if this happens is to reset your device. You only lose the time zone setting on your device.

  • Your device’s user manual contains instructions for setting the clock.
  • Battery charge should be checked.
  • Ensure your device has been charged for at least two hours before you try to reactivate it. Your device should have a charging light on it.
  • Take out the external SD card.
  • Also, remove any other SD cards that are on your device.

Reset Process For TomTom Start(2009/2010)

  • Push the release button on the Mount to remove it from the device.
  • Hold either side of the device and push it through the center to remove the back cover.
  • Put a straightened paper clip or something similar on the reset button for 20 seconds. You can reset your device by pressing the reset button at the bottom.

Wrapping It Up

In this post, we have covered all potential causes and their solutions to fix TomTom Map Not Working Issue. Hopefully, you will find them useful. Nevertheless, if the issue persists, you may need professional help.

The tech experts have the necessary knowledge to help you resolve the issue of TomTom Map Not Working issue.

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