How To Fix Garmin Error 0x017?

Garmin Error 0x017

We commonly see Garmin error 0x017 in Garmin devices. This error code appears when users are trying to update the firmware of their Garmin device. An interruption in the connection between the device and the computer usually causes it.

We can resolve it by restarting the device and attempting the update again. There are multiple reasons for the Garmin error 0x017 such as incorrect settings, poor signal strength, or a faulty antenna. 

Methods To Fix Garmin Error 0x017

There is usually a problem with the Garmin device’s firmware or software when Garmin error code 0x017 occurs. It is necessary to update the software or firmware of the Garmin device. 

Restart the Garmin Device 

When you are facing the Garmin error 0x017, it is necessary to restart the Garmin device so that it fixes quickly. It is simple, so you can quickly perform the restart of the device.

There is a need to press and hold its button until the device shuts off. After a few minutes, you can turn it back on and check whether the issue of Garmin error 0x017 is solved or not.

Update the Software Of Your Garmin Device 

You can install the latest version of Garmin on your computer before using other methods. To fix bugs or improve compatibility, Garmin releases updates periodically.

It is crucial to download the latest version from Garmin’s official website, install it on your computer, and you’re ready to go. There are several things you need to keep in mind when reinstalling or installing the latest version of the software.

When you are using the latest version, it automatically fixes the Garmin error code 0x017 and other technical glitches. After updating the firmware of the software, it is necessary to restart the device and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Check Internet 

When the Garmin device is connected to a stable and fast network, it runs smoothly. When we have a slow or weak internet connection. The error message appears.

Checking our network connection has become crucial for us. It is important to fix the internet speed as soon as possible if it is not stable.

Reset of Garmin Device 

You can also reset the Garmin device to fix the Garmin error 0x017. You will lose all data on your Garmin device, so back it up before doing this. There is a need to go to the Settings menu and choose System > Reset > Delete Data and Reset Settings.

  • You can hit the power button and also hold it for a few seconds until it gets restarted.
  • After this, you can turn it on and again attach your device to your smartphone.

Here, it is vital to check whether the issue with Garmin error code 0x017 is fixed or not. There is also a need again set up your Garmin device properly.  

Wrapping Up 

It is also vital to use the latest software on your Garmin devices. There is a need to follow all the above methods and use them in fixing the Garmin error 0x017. You can follow all the steps correctly so you can quickly solve the error.


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