How To Fix Garmin GPS Accuracy Issue?

How To Fix Garmin GPS Accuracy Issue

Garmin comes with amazing products, like it’s watches. You can easily use Garmin watches anywhere because they come with GPS.

It becomes easier to use everywhere. Everywhere outdoors can use GPS, such as indoors, underwater, or in caves. Sometimes users face Garmin GPS accuracy issues with their watches.

Sports watch owners know that GPS does not always work outside, despite theoretically working everywhere. Many of you have been waiting for the GPS indicator light to turn green.

There are multiple reasons for this issue, such as environmental factors or the settings of the watch. Users need to fix the Garmin accuracy issues quickly so they can use their watches properly.

Methods to Fix Garmin GPS Accuracy Issues

It is necessary to solve the issue of GPS in their watches and other products. There is a need to use the proper methods to solve the Garmin watch accuracy issues. Here you can check the best ways to fix the GPS solutions quickly.

Environmental Factors

A clear signal must be present for GPS to operate as intended. Try to steer clear of areas that have dense tree cover, as tall trees can interfere with the signal.

In these kinds of places, it can pick up a signal, but don’t be surprised if it keeps going on and off. Even a crowded area can make GPS navigation difficult. These are the primary reasons for the Garmin GPS accuracy issue.

When using GPS, it is necessary to avoid being in the middle of a city. Most people also run or cycle in urban areas, so it is imperative to avoid the area of tall buildings.

After waiting for a few minutes, you can walk to a different location. When GPS is connecting, standing still can help. There is a need to check the clear sky so you can get proper GPS signals and resolve the issue of Garmin watch accuracy issues.

Wait Until the GPS Connection Established

You have connected your watch to GPS. Take a moment to wait. It only communicates with the bare minimum number of satellites when it first connects. Waiting a bit longer will allow the device to locate a signal from additional satellites before you start moving.

As a result, it can rely on another satellite connection if one drops. After this, you can check whether the Garmin accuracy issues are solved or not.

Enable a Secondary Satellite Connection

There are some Garmin watches that allow you to enable secondary satellite constellations like Glonass or Galileo. You can use this to fill in gaps where the connection drops and get a faster satellite fix.

It is more battery-consuming to enable both options, so it will reduce the battery life of your device. The tweaking of settings depends on the model of the Garmin watch. The basic steps are the same for every Garmin watch.

  • You can go to Menu.
  • Here you can select activities and apps.
  • Now you can choose the activity in question and choose activity settings.
  • You can select GPS and decide the option you want to select Off to switch off GPS, choose GPS Only, GPS + GLONASS, or GPS + GALILEO.

Sync Your Garmin Watch with Garmin Connect

If the previous option does not resolve the issue and you are waiting a long time for a GPS signal, there is another option. With Garmin Connect or Garmin Express, you can sync your fitness tracker or watch.

It is important that you use the most recent software on your wearable to ensure that satellite locations are kept up-to-date.

When the device has not been used for a month or you have traveled more than 200 miles from your last satellite connection, the data can be out of date. It is also important to use your Garmin watch regularly so the Garmin GPS accuracy issue will solve quickly.

Garmin GPS Data is not Accurate

It is also necessary to know that GPS data is not always accurate. According to Garmin, the GPS accuracy in their wearables is around 3 meters, which is around 95% of the time.

Garmin watches and fitness trackers have more accurate GPS, so it is crucial to follow all the basic steps properly to fix the Garmin accuracy issue.

Turn on Auto-Pause

You can also turn on the auto pause settings of your watch to fix the Garmin watch accuracy issue. When you are recording GPS while stopping, it becomes the primary reason for the inaccurate calculation of the distance.

Now when you turn on the auto pause, it solves your problem and also lessens the amount of additional distance recorded.

Enable Every Second Recording

Many Garmin watches give options to users to select smart recording or every second recording. It is vital to choose the second option for every second recording to get accurate results and detailed tracking information.

You can quickly change them from Settings > System > Data. After this, you can check if the Garmin GPS accuracy issue is solved or not.

Wrapping Up

It is also vital to use your Garmin watch perfectly to get accurate GPS data. There is a need to follow all the steps properly so users can fix the Garmin GPS accuracy issue.

Whenever you go outside, it is vital to avoid places where you don’t get proper signals.

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