How to Resolve Garmin Connect Not Syncing With Strava Issue

How to Resolve Garmin Connect Not Syncing With Strava Issue

Well, although Garmin maps are among the most trusted GPS navigation systems. There are some issues that the Garmin users can face. Among those, one of the most common issues is when the Garmin connect not syncing with Strava.

There are various fixes that you can adopt that might prove worthless to you. Here we are presenting you with the troubleshooting guide.

This troubleshooting guide has been made for you. You must know that the Garmin express is the software through which you will be able to update Garmin GPS device.

They are going to guide the users on how they can find the resolution for this issue and they are experienced and have been exposed to these issues for a long time.

They are 100% verified and certified professionals who will be providing you with the best and reliable solution for this issue.

There will be some users who might be looking to resolve the issue on their own. Here are the steps they can follow in order to resolve the Garmin connect won’t sync to Strava.

Resolve the Garmin Connect won’t sync to Strava

Check the software update:

There are various updates that you will be seeing from time to time. It is very frequent because the roads are changing and some are being constructed. There are various addresses that are changed as well. But do you know how to fix Garmin connect unable to sync to Strava?

Well, if you are using the application, make sure that you are using the latest version on your Mac. In order to confirm whether or not there are any updates available, you need to check the dashboard. The updates will tell you everything about the version you are using.

If you witness that there is no prompt or any sort of message that might say Garmin is already installed, then it will mean that the application updates automatically from time to time.

You need to makes sure that there is no update pending which is why you might be facing this issue. Garmin Map update is very essential for the device.

Check your internet connectivity:

Before you are starting to download and Install Garmin Express application or just using it, it is very important that you need to be aware that this application requires a fast running internet connection. Every time you are running this application, you need to have a stable and high-speed internet connection.

Make sure that the internet connection you are using is fast and has a reliable or no data limit. When you are downloading the Garmin express application, make sure that you are doing that with good internet speed. If the speed is slow, the download may take a long time to finish or you might face any error in between.

Make sure that you are not sitting too far from the WiFi. Weak signals will also make it difficult for you to use the internet. So also make sure that you are sitting within the distance while using the internet.

Garmin Express must not be blocked:

Well, there might be an issue where Garmin connect unable to sync to Strava because it is blocked by your OS.

In this scenario, you need to make sure that you unblock the downloading of such software and there must be no blocking while you are using it as well. Check your Macbook/Windows settings while you are using it in order to confirm it.

These are some measures that you need to take in order to resolve the issue. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, then get in touch with our experts who will help you resolve the Garmin connect not syncing with the Strava issue.

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