My Garmin Won’t Turn On – Ultimate Guide to Fix it

My Garmin Won't Turn On

It is not new to describe the fame of the largest GPS router gadgets of Garmin in the market that were created to full fill the human need to voyage and explore. Although these Garmin GPS devices are famous, every electronic device is prone to malfunction.

There are some common Garmin errors, it may face and one of such errors users report is “My Garmin won’t turn on” after getting the latest Garmin GPS Update. There can be various reasons behind such an issue.

The issue can be in the device’s battery, the firmware or it could be the software malfunction that could have caused it in the first place.

These issues can be fixed with the right solution. You do not have to return the device to the manufacturer.

But what is the right solution, that can permanently fix the device? Is there any?

Well, if your Garmin won’t turn on, there can be several issues responsible for such a problem. Checking those issues one by one is what can help you out.

Ways to Fix Garmin Won’t Turn On Issue

1. Check for Dead batteries

If you have just bought the device, charge the device as it may not have been charged. However, if you are charging the device and it still resists to hold the charge for long and turns off, this situation indicates that you need to change your device’s batteries.

Sometimes, the device refuses to turn on when it’s not charging even you take out the power cord. For his situation as well, you need to change the batteries.

2. Corrupted or misfit SD card

Well, sometimes the reason why the Garmin won’t turn on is because of the inserted Micro SD card. The card could be not well placed in the slot. This causes the device not to turn on. Turn on the device after removing the SD card.

If the device works, the problem was the misfit SD card. To solve it, you need to re-insert the card properly and if the GPS turns on, then you are good to go.

It can also be the case where your SD card is also corrupted, which is making the device not to work properly.

3. An issue with the Garmin GPS Logic board

Garmin GPS logic board is a rectangular closed case which is closed and has all the buttons as well as display controls.

If the problem is with the logic board or it is faulty, then, as a result, the Garmin won’t turn on.

There is nothing you can do about it, so you have to get help from experienced technical experts. You can call on the number which is mentioned above.

4. Check the power outlet

Well, if none of the above steps works then you need to check the power outlet. Check whether or not, it is supplying enough power to connect the devices. If it is not, then find other outlets to plug in the GPS power cable.

If there is any problem in the power supply, then the batteries may not be charged and you need to contact the tech experts as soon as possible.

5. The power cable issue

Another thing to make sure is that the power cable is in a proper working condition and is supplying the power to the device from the power outlet.

Check for the cracks in the power cable, which could lead to slow, delayed or not charging at all for the device.

Sometimes, the faulty power cable is the issue that could have been damaged from the time of purchase or by any accident in your home.

6. Charging jack of the device may be faulty

If you are charging your device through the charge which has a loose or a broken charger jack, the device won’t charge properly or will not charge at all.

You must make sure if the charging jack is well-seated and is not moving while inserting the power cable. In case, it is loose, it needs to be immediately replaced or changed.

At the End

Well, if none of these cases mentioned above fits your scenario and your Garmin won’t turn on. Then you need to reach us. Our experts, with their advanced and technology-equipped knowledge, can help you out.

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