How to Grab Rand McNally DashCam 500 Update?

Rand McNally DashCam 500 Update

Rand McNally’s DashCam 500 comes with advanced features. Truck drivers love to use the hi-tech DashCam because of its special features. It comes with a companion app, high-quality HD videos, and photos.

They also equipped it with G-sensor technology that helps in detecting incidents. We can easily use a companion app and save, share, and organize directly from our smartphones.

It is a free app and is also available on iOS and Android smartphones. The process of the Rand McNally DashCam 500 Update is simple and quick.

Attractive Features of Rand McNally DashCam 500

  • It comes with a 3″ screen size.
  • The G-sensor keeps incident footage upon impact, even when the car is parked.
  • The footage is time-stamped and geo-tagged.
  • The Companion app for Android and iOS saves footage from dash cams to smartphones. The users view, sort, and organize content into albums and post videos and photos to social media from their phones.
  • There is a built-in GPS that provides location information to the MapShots feature on the app to see on a map when and where footage is captured.
  • There is a regular loop recording.
  • It has full HD recording at 30fps.
  • It has different viewing angles: 120 (horizontal), and 151 (opposite angles).
  • Digital image stabilization.

In the back of Rand McNally, DashCam 500 is:

  • Suction Cup Mounting
  • USB cable with cigarette lighter power adapter
  • 16GB SD card
  • Quick start guide

It has become easy to grab the latest Rand McNally DashCam 500 Update. The clip-in suction cup mount is firmly attached to DashCam and the windshield. It records a continuous loop in 1080p.

We can tap on the flashback button to capture and save all the footage. We made most of the videos with flashbacks, so it automatically saved them on the camera. If we connect it to Wi-Fi it also syncs to the app.

Install the Memory Card in Rand McNally DashCam 500

We know that DashCam records all images and videos on a microSD card. We can insert it on the side of the unit. The plastic card needs to be removed from the card slot.

  • Go to the right side of DashCam and pull its back cover. The back cover shields the card slot using any thin tool such as a paper clip or fingernail.
  • Now slide the card into the slot and quickly replace its cover.
  • We can remove the SD card and open the cover. Now push down on the center of the card edge. Here we eject when it clicks.

Now we can quickly perform the Rand McNally Map Update. Users need to install their Rand McNally DashCam 500 properly. It has become simple for them to update the Rand McNally DashCam 500.

Steps for Rand McNally DashCam 500 Update

Rand McNally DashCam 500 comes with regular updates. We must update the Rand McNally DashCam 500. We can use these steps to update them. It is a simple process and takes a few minutes.

  • To update your SD card, visit the official Rand McNally website to download the Rand McNally Dock Software. Download the zip file software. It is detachable from the computer once it is recorded or pasted on the SD card.
  • We can again insert a micro SD card into a slot of Rand McNally’s device.

When users face problems in updating Rand McNally dash cam SD cards, there is a need to format SD cards.

Here we can open the menu and search for the Format feature. There is a need to select the Yes option, and it starts card formatting. The formatting erases all the data. It becomes necessary for us to shift our important data, such as video files, to our laptops. If there are bugs or overwritten SD cards, there is a need to change defective SD cards.

We can update Rand McNally dash cams 500 with external SD cards. We need to connect your device to the system. Rand McNally DashCam 500 Update files are recorded and saved on external SD cards.

Follow these steps when you attach your SD card to your tablet for necessary device updates.

  • First, we locate a file manager to search the SD card folder named “extsd”.
  • Install the software on the external SD card by clicking the mouse for RM updates.
  • After installing RM services, detach the SD card and insert it again into the laptop for continuing updates.
  • On the pop-up screen, select Map Data Update.
  • Wait for a few seconds until it completes the update of a device on an SD card.
  • We can disconnect it from a laptop.
  • It transferred all the updated files from the SD card to the Rand McNally DashCam.

Wrap Up

Rand McNally’s DashCam500 is the best device for truck navigation. It comes with an SD card so that all data is saved in this.

Users can easily manage this device. We can use the above steps for the Rand McNally DashCam 500 Update.

We need to use the latest update software on this device so it functions properly.

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