How do I Update Magellan RoadMate 7722-lm GPS Device

Update Magellan Roadmate 7722-lm

Magellan’s devices offer the best navigation results at times your search the address locations of your predefined destinations. Also one can use the screen-sizes of such devices for viewing the topographical terrains of various unknown territories.

If we talk about the Magellan RoadMate 7722-lm unit model, its screen size is approximately 7 inches. One can visualize variable color patterns while adhering to the driving guidelines with the automated voice-prompts of its smart and efficient GPS receiver.

There are instances that you may view the junctions and other landmarks. Likewise, one can cover extra miles with much ease-of-comfort.

Additionally, the available map updates of RoadMate 7722-lm units can assertively guide you at times there is a construction going on across various metropolitan cities. Let’s discuss the benefits of downloading such updates:

Cult-classic specifications of RoadMate Updates

After the user downloads the most compatible version of Magellan Map Update onto his/her RoadMate 7722-lm unit, it will be much easier for him to access the upgraded maps of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Even one can use the voice-controlled navigation prompts of these Magellan RoadMate GPS Update to commute places that users of Magellan hadn’t travelled in their yester years. Now take a look at these functionalities that can make your life trouble-free:

1. Saves your money

The Magellan’s 7722-lm unit model (of RoadMate series) can confidently generate voice-controlled navigation alerts even if the routing prodigies change. This assertively helps the existing Magellan users at times they are stuck in highly congested areas and unable to decide which roads to travel for reaching their destinations.

As soon as you get stuck in traffic, the 7722-lm’s navigation receiver tells the optimal roadway which indirectly reduces the fuel cost as you travel short routes. Thereby, it saves your pocket with much efficiency.

2. More than six million point-of-interests

We all are aware of the fact that POIs always help in emergencies. Identically, the downloaded version of Magellan RoadMate 7722-lm GPS update can surely display the freeway signs while you commute various POIs (such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other favorable spots).

Even one can realistically follow the correct lanes that may come amidst the paths you choose for reaching your point-of-interests.

3. Marking the longitudinal and latitudinal measurements aptly

Have you ever felt depressed after fighting with your acquaintances? If the answer is yes, the lifetime map updates of Magellan will be add-on with the notifications it displays when you are traveling to those streets of Canada with which you are not familiar at all.

Such notifications can guide you well with the traffic warnings, speed limits, estimated time of traveling and other parameters. Moreover, these notifications are a helping hand to reach the demographics with correct longitudinal and latitudinal measurements.

The mentioned above points highlight some of the quality characteristics of the updates you download onto your RoadMate 7722-lm device. Now, we will be discussing the steps that can surely Update Magellan RoadMate 7722-lm device within a few minutes. For this, you must read the below section alertly.

Updating the GPS maps of Magellan RoadMate 7722-lm model

GPS models can consistently improve the quality and precision of your vehicles. This also helps at times you find the optimal Road-map for your unplanned destinations. After you perform the steps mentioned below, it will be easy for you to get rid of the outdated maps which are installed already onto your RoadMate devices. So, the process begins with:

1. Connecting the USB cord

Switch on the RoadMate 7722-lm device and connect it with your internet connection. Make sure that the internet works well and the GPS functionality of your RoadMate device aptly fetches your spot.

Now, you must unbox the product and put the USB cable out of it. Insert the major end of the cable in the slot of your laptop/computer and the minor one in the slot of Magellan RoadMate 7722-lm GPS unit.

2. Logging into your Magellan account

Till now you must have established a strong connection with your device and workstation (either a laptop or computer). All you need to do is open the Magellan application and enter your email address and password that can act like credentials for logging in to your Magellan account.

After you enter the same click on the Login button and proceed further. In case you are a newbie, you must not hesitate in creating your account on Magellan’s server.

3. Searching for the updates via Content Manager utility

As soon as you log in to your RoadMate 7722-lm GPS unit, you will see the device’s interface with multiple options. From there, you must click the Home button and go to the Support Section.

This will help you spot the Content Manager utility for downloading the GPS updates of this brilliant Magellan device. If the Content Manager is not there, you can download it from the official site of Magellan.

After you download the Content Manager, you must open its executable file and then hit the Run button to proceed further with its installation. Identically, you must not forget to select the desired language (most preferably English [United States]) and then, click OK.

Later the wizard asks to install the utility. You must click the Install button and wait for the time utility installs the necessary updates. In the end, click the Finish.

4. Downloading the GPS map updates

In this step, you will double-click the icon of the Content Manager. Then, go to the Map and Map updates section. Here, you will be asked by the utility to add the device. Click on Add my device.

This will help the Content Manager  identify your device and search for the compatible updates. The software will synchronize with the Magellan’s server after you click the Sync option.

Till the synchronization is in progress, you must wait so that the Content Manager can display all those updates that can be downloaded onto your GPS unit. After the updates are displayed, click the View details option. This will help you read the other requirements of those updates.

Now, you must click the Install option that is displayed in the square box after the name of the Magellan Map update. Follow all the instructions the installation wizard displays and keep on clicking next till the updates are downloaded well.

In the end, you must click the Finish button. It is because the map files of 7722-lm device are upgraded with new packages. Such packages contain address locations and other directional guidelines for the maps.

5. Disconnecting the cable

Finally, you can disconnect the USB cord from the RoadMate device as well as your workstation. Also, you must restart your 7722-lm unit model so that you can enjoy the realistic info-graphics of three-dimensional viewpoints of various parts of Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States without any hustle.

The above-mentioned steps, if performed with minimal error frequency, can update the Magellan RoadMate 7722-lm device. Also, one can search more than six million point-of-interests at his/her fingertips.

Also one can do various navigational activities like mountaineering, mapping the Golf courses and measuring the distance you travelled with your footsteps while running. All these activities can assertively add value to your lifestyle by making it adventurous and meaningful.


Magellan’s devices can capably guide you at times your vehicle is prevailing amidst the unknown roads. Such roads may hinder your arrival times as they have variable twists and turns.

Likewise, the features of the Magellan RoadMate 7722-lm device and its associated map updates can take you places you like the most with much ease-of-convenience. Even one can do other recreational activities in their leisure time.

Apart from the benefits enlisted in this blog, the steps to update the RoadMate 7722-lm device can successfully implant the new address locations. These locations are nothing but the geological spots of the United States, Canada, and Puerto.

In case you are interested in knowing more about the Magellan devices (primarily the ones that fall into the category of RoadMate series), don’t spare a moment in visiting our informative blogs and enhance the way you live your tripping lifestyle.

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