How to Fix Various Magellan GPS Update Problems With One Solution

Magellan GPS Not Working

Updating your Magellan GPS device ensures a faster and better performing device. Feel yourself lucky, if you didn’t face any Magellan Update problems.

Encountering various problems while trying to download Magellan GPS updates is not so wired. Some update problems get quickly resolved, but some need technical advise.

Magellan GPS updates include updates for its firmware, maps, navigational guide, and some new functionalities.

We decided to write this post to provide an easy troubleshooting guide for all users who are facing these Magellan GPS update problems. We have recorded some specific problems that people come up with, these are:

Some of the Most Common Magellan GPS Update Problems

  1. Why am in getting “Failed to read source file” when trying to update Magellan firmware.
  2. Failure in updating Magellan GPS maps.
  3. How to fix “Firmware not updated” Magellan error message.
  4. Magellan GPS locked up after updating maps.
  5. Magellan GPS is unable to restore power after I got updates.
  6. Unable to update Free Magellan GPS maps.
  7. Unable to make payment for PAID Magellan map updates.
  8. Why am I getting corrupted Magellan map updates?

Well, the list doesn’t end here, you might be facing some different Magellan GPS update problems. Do not panic, if the error you are getting is not enlisted here. This post will still help you out.

Troubleshooting Magellan update problems by Resetting Magellan device

Reset Magellan GPS unit could be your best-pick to resolve various Magellan update related problems. Resetting your GPS device can also fix many other software/hardware glitches.

Magellan GPS devices come with three types of options for resetting. Some GPS devices have a two-way sliding button, and some have three-way sliding buttons while other Magellan GPS models have “Reset Pinhole button” on them.

You need to slide the button to Off/Reset option for few seconds until your device restarts. And for pinhole device, you need to press the button with a paper clip.

Check out our guide on how to reset a Magellan GPS device?

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