How to Reset a Magellan GPS Device? Guide to Reset Your Device

How to Reset a Magellan GPS Device

This article on How to Reset a Magellan GPS Device? Guide to Reset Your Device.

You may encounter a problem with Magellan GPS map download or some other GPS errors. Resetting Magellan GPS unit can fix all such temporary errors.

There are various methods to perform a factory reset on your Magellan GPS device. You can fix almost every GPS issues while doing a factory reset until the problem is very critical.

This post will explain every method that you can follow to factory reset your Magellan GPS. To perform a hard reset, you have the following options.

Checkout Below methods to Reset a Magellan GPS device

  • Hard Reset With Main Menu
  • Hard Reset with Power Button
  • A Hard Reset with Reset Button
  • Hard Reset with Pinhole button
  • Hard Reset with Hidden Menu

Now, let us understand in details how to apply all these methods one by one.

1. Hard Reset with Main Menu

All GPS devices need to be reset occasionally. Resetting GPS help in resolving any errors you may get for Magellan GPS update or firmware update.

A hard reset will erase any minor errors and will restore the unit to its original configuration. To reset your GPS device with the Main menu; you need to do the following.

  • Tap the “Main Menu” on your unit.
  • Select the “View” option.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Click on the “Restore Factory Settings” option.
  • A confirmation message will pop-up seeking your final consent.
  • Click on the “confirm” button to hard reset your device.

Find it easy? It is actually, now read and learn about the rest of the methods as well.

2. Hard Reset with Power Button

You can reset the Magellan GPS unit with the help of its power button. Do the following:

  • Locate the power button.
  • Check the label and slide it towards “Off“.
  • Keep holding the button for at least 8-10 seconds.
  • Release the button (after 8-10 seconds).
  • The device will reboot at its own if it doesn’t turn on it manually.

Now, your device will turn on with its original factory settings. All local data or settings will be erased.

3. Hard Reset with Reset Button

Some Magellan GPS units have a 3-way slide button. This button has three options, i.e., On, Reset, and Off. If your device also has such three options button, then do the following:

  • Slide the switch towards the “Reset” option.
  • Hold the switch at this position for at least 10 seconds.
  • The device will turn off and go in the resetting process.

Keep reading to learn about the rest of the Magellan GPS hard reset Methods. There are certain situations when you need to go for resetting your device.

Following we are taking up two such situations along with details of other methods of hard reset a Magellan GPS device.

4. Reset with Pinhole Button when touchscreen doesn’t work

If you notice that your GPS unit touchscreen is not responding or frozen screen, you should hard reset it. Following check out the steps, you need to perform.

  • Take out your Magellan GPS unit from your vehicle.
  • Locate the tiny hole at side or bottom of your GPS unit.
  • You will see a label of “Reset” on this tiny hole.
  • Use any pointed object like a paper clip to press this button.
  • Keep pressing this button for at least 10 seconds.
  • Your GPS unit will turn off once your device goes in the reset process.
  • Turn on your device after a few seconds.

Most probably your GPS will work fine now. The touchscreen will also work, and you can use it as per your needs.

5. Hidden Menu Reset when the GPS unit is Locked up

You might not know about the hidden menu of your Magellan GPS unit. You can use this option to hard reset your device when it is locked up. In other words, use the hidden menu to hard reset a Magellan GPS device when it gets locked.

Below are the steps that you need to perform.

  • Go to the main Menu Bar on your screen.
  • Tap the left corner twice then right corner twice.
  • Again tap the left corner once and then a right corner.
  • You need to make a total of six taps.
  • A “Hidden menu” will appear on the screen.
  • Select the “Reset for first use” option.
  • Your unit will go to do a hard reset.

Restart the unit by pressing the power button. Hopefully, your device will be all set to work again.

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