Magellan Roadmate Stuck on Startup – Guide to Solve the Issue

Magellan Roadmate Stuck on Startup

This guide to solve Magellan Roadmate Stuck on Startup Issue

Magellan delivers reliable and innovative GPS technology-based devices for navigation purposes.

Apart from the unique features it offers, it may encounter some problems occasionally which won’t let your device start. The problem may vary in nature but it can cause your device stuck on startup.

In this article, we will tell you about those issues and some proven solutions to fix Magellan RoadMate Stuck on Startup issue.

Reason for Magellan RoadMate Stuck on Startup

  1. Dead or uncharged battery
  2. Damaged hardware Issue
  3. Software Update Issues
  4. Faulty power chord
  5. Software Issue
  6. Reset not done correctly

Solve Magellan RoadMate Stuck on Startup Issue

Follow the below-mentioned steps for Magellan RoadMate Stuck on Startup:

1. Reset your device:

Press the power button of your Magellan GPS device and hold it down till your Magellan unit doesn’t turn on. If your device turns on then proceed directly to step 6, if not then follow the further steps.

2. Turn your Device using Computer:

If you have put your Magellan Device on charging then remove the device from the charging. After that connect your Magellan device with your computer using a USB port and start your computer.

3. Take your Device to the Service Center:

Now press down the power button and hold it until your GPS gets started. If you Magellan device still don’t turn on, there is something wrong with your Magellan GPS Updates. You can take your device to the service center of Magellan for repair if it is still under warranty.

But if it is not under warranty then repaid service can cost you a lot. In that case, if you are looking for a reliable repair solution at low prices then get in touch with us. If there is any software related issue then we can fix it quickly for you.

4. Charge your device:

Check if you recently charged your device. The drained battery also sometimes can lead to this error. Allow your device’s battery to fully charge for a few hours and then try turning it on.

5. Check its battery:

After performing step 4, your device still won’t turn on, there can be issues with its battery. If the battery of your device is dead then replace it with a new one and turn on your device.

6. Other Hardware Issue:

If your Magellan device is very old and nothing seems working then there are chances that your GPS’s hardware is damaged and nothing can fix it. You can either consider replacing its damaged part or purchase a new device.

Replacing and repairing the damaged part will again give you no surety of smooth performance of your device so purchasing a new one is better in case your device is very old.

Magellan GPS Helpline

We understand how frustrating it can be when you want to connect with your Magellan GPS device and are stuck. But don’t worry; we have a solution for you.
Our expert team will assist you in every step of the way and will fix your device’s issue accurately. Contact us now to get quick assistance via phone, chat or email.

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