Amazing ways of updating the existing maps of RoadMate 9612T unit

Update About Roadmate 9612T

Magellan devices offer trustworthy results at times your minds are hammered with the conventional ways of reaching your predefined spots. It is difficult to neglect the fact that the best ways of downloading the available version of updates.

For your Magellan RoadMate 9612T device will offer navigation aid at peculiar instances. These devices may fall in the category of Car GPS, Handheld navigation and other fitness models of Magellan.

There may be instances where you need to purchase maps of Europe, Canada, USA, and other geographical nodes. All these can be found in the SmartGPS Eco web-portal of Magellan.

Before we proceed further with the updates’ installation procedure let’s discuss what we may perceive after downloading such updates:

Benefits of downloading updates for RoadMate 9612T unit

dates for RoadMate 9612T

Such updates may include useful information like historical databases of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, preloaded maps of various unknown demographics and other Geo-spatial arrangements. Apart from them, you will get: –

Real-time navigation assistance

At times you park cars at venues like the basement of shopping malls. The Magellan RoadMate 9612T unit model can guide you smartly.

Such guidance helps various car drivers and other commuters traverse hassle-free across various lanes and junctions.

Notwithstanding this GPS device generates topographical illustrations in three and two dimensions to cater to all your navigation necessities.

A clear and effective geo-fence

Geo-fences are helpful at times when you select your area in the 9612T model of RoadMate (after installing a compatible Magellan Map update for your RoadMate devices).

With their help, you can track the entry and exit of people that may choose your area. Even the clarity and effectiveness offered by this device is solely capable of displaying variable colour patterns of terrains and other junctions.

Rerouting your waypoints

You may get stuck in such a situation where construction is going on or there are long traffic jams. Their rerouting plays a crucial role in improving the consistency and accuracy of the vehicles. Such an event will help you at times you are in a dire need of reaching your desired spots within the time period.

After discussing some of the benefits let’s now move on to the process of downloading the compatible Magellan RoadMate 9612T Update for the GPS models you choose for your commutes.

Steps to download latest map versions via SmartGPS Eco


Using gps in car

With the steps articulated below one can maintain work-life balance well and commute places that have not traversed before. In order to begin with, all you can do is: –

  • Connect the 9612T unit with a computer or laptop via USB cable. Insert the major end in the device’s slot and the minor one in the slot of a computer or laptop. Make sure that the internet is connected and the GPS function is enabled.
  • Browse the official web-portal of Magellan from your laptop and find the option of Map upgrades. Now click SmartGPS Eco and login with the credentials you use to login to the official site of Magellan. In case you are a newbie, you must register yourself to proceed further with the installation.
  • Now click add a device so that the Magellan’s server can fetch your GPS unit and the updates compatible with the same. Wait till the time updates are displayed and you must download that Magellan RoadMate update compatible with 9612T unit.
  • Follow all the instructions of the update wizard and keep on clicking next till you reach the software agreement prompt. Hit the Accept button after reading the terms carefully and navigate the other prompts well. Such navigation will offer you a helping hand to finish the installation within the given time.
  • Lastly, you must click the finish button as the process to update the Magellan RoadMate 9612T device. Its functionalities are now completed. Restart your device now after you disconnect the USB cord.

With the above steps, it is convenient to use the accurate and smart navigation system of RoadMate devices with new map versions.

Also one must not forget to download Magellan RoadMate update on a timely basis so that you can access various map upgrades on categories like Automotive, Marine, and etc. categories.


RoadMate devices, its updates, and other utilities are solely capable of making your life easier. In addition, such updates offer you a couple of options that can be used to back-up all your travel information and other waypoints.

Even the fruitful results of downloading and installing updates via SmartGPS Eco may synchronise all the address-locations stored in the favourite folder of your devices. In case you want to know more about the unit models of Magellan, don’t feel hesitant in visiting our informative web-portal GPS Contact Number.

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