How to Unlock TomTom GPS – Step by Step Guide

How to Unlock TomTom GPS

TomTom Navigation device makes our travel more comfortable and eases the process of finding the position of any location without any hindrance.

With the regular usage, encountering minor problems are quite familiar with such kind of devices, so you don’t need to be too worried. Sometimes users get annoyed as they are unable to unlock TomTom GPS device.

This can be frustrating, especially when you are driving and you want to navigate.

Do you also face issues while unlocking your TomTom GPS device?

Don’t worry, in this article; we will discuss TomTom GPS devices gets locked when you drive and how to unlock TomTom GPS device easily.

Why TomTom GPS gets locked?

TomTom GPS owns a “Safety Lock” feature which disables the menu options when you are driving. Use of Safety lock feature makes your driving safe.

Methods to Unlock TomTom GPS Device

Method 1: Easy way to Unlock TomTom GPS

  1. Turn your GPS device off and restart your device after 5 seconds.
  2. Go to “Change Preferences” option. You will find this option on the main menu of your device. After that select the “Safety Preferences” icon and disable the safety feature.

Method 2: Technical way to Unlock TomTom GPS

Before proceeding, you will require a new license file (.dct) which is generated based on your device ID and the MAP info.

Step 1:

  • You will require to decompress the Map to ROOT of your SD card, e.g., SD_Card_USA_and _Canada

Step 2:

  • Edit the DeviceID.txt, swap it with your ID (10 letters or numbers). You can find the ID from SD_Cardtnavigator.if search DeviceUniqueID=xxxxxyyyy) for eg. AB8EASTYR

Step 3:

  • Edit ProgsMeta.txt
  • This mat is related to with the Map that you wish to see. Sample:- USA_and_Canada_895_2251
  • 72 84 G7 AB C2 DE 7D 78 35 CB 05 28 6C 45 7C 72 USA_and_Canada-29.meta

Step 4:

  • Copy the two files (related to map .pna and .meta) to folder
  • Insert_meta _from_Map_here
  • For e.g.: USA_and_Canada.pna
  • USA_and_Canada-29.meta

Step 5:

  • Now, run RunMeforDCT.cmd, Choose 1, Choose 1, you will get results in folder insert_meta_from_Map_here. It’s a new .dct file. (Unlocked file)

Step 6:

  • After this, copy this .dct file to map directory on your SD card.
  • For E.g: SD_Cardusa_and_canada_825_2210USA_and_Canada-29.meta.dct
  • And you are done with the process.

At the End

If you struggle while unlocking your TomTom GPS device or have any queries in mind that you want to ask then feel free to reach us to unlock it.

We strive to provide the best GPS services to our clients. We are available 24*7 via voice, chat, and email. So if you are facing any issue with your TomTom GPS Update or with any other issue and want your problems fixed instantly.

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